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 Speaking Engagements

Conferences are a great opportunity to learn more about the fundamentals of disaster planning and emergency management or to train the global pharmacy community on disasters and emergencies. 

Pharmacists are leaders in their communities and when faced with a disaster or emergency they are often the first and only healthcare entity to respond. This type of leadership involves thinking bigger than the technical tasks at hand. How can we motivate people to plan and prepare for an emergency when there isn't a disaster in sight? 

These are the topics we tackle at Disaster Pharmacy Solutions. What are the challenges faced by the pharmacy workforce and how can we show leadership and overcome them. 

Disaster planning and emergency management activities push the envelope and challenge our ability to adapt. This is a vital skill for pharmacy team members to practice before a disaster occurs that requires them to lead. 


​We offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and learning outcomes so we can tailor the program to match you and your group.


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