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In-Person Workshops and Training Events

Why not start planning and preparing for disasters with your pharmacy team and benefit from the leadership and team building activities. 

We strive to prepare and equip the pharmacy workforce to respond and recovery from different types of disasters and emergencies. 

These workshops and exercises can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization and available resources.

Online Workshops and Training Events

Did COVID-19 take you by surprise? 

Do you know what your roles and expectations are during a disaster?

Learn how to effectively adapt to the unique challenges presented by disasters and emergencies.

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Conference Workshops and Training Events

Conferences are large pharmacy teams and families.


What better way to bring them together than to collectively enhance the resiliency of the pharmacy workforce.


Together we can make our communities safer!

Giving a Speech

Speaking Engagements

Are you curious about the fundamentals of disaster management and pharmacy?

Do you know what communities and governments expect of their pharmacists? 

 We provide speaking engagements on disaster planning, emergency management, adaptive leadership, and pharmacy practice. 


Get in contact with us to find out more.