We Help you Build your Personal and Professional Disaster and Emergency Management Skills as Pharmacy Professionals to Enable a Resilient Pharmacy Workforce

Together we can make our communities safer and stronger to withstand the impacts of disasters and emergencies. 

The pharmacy workforce needs to be prepared to continue to lead during crises and provide essential pharmacy services to disaster-affected communities. Don't wait for the next COVID-19 pandemic. The best time to get prepared is now!

Pharmacists are essential for disaster planning and emergency management. Your patients, families, colleagues, and community expect you to lead them through any size disaster or emergency.

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Why choose us?

Our consultants offer tailored services to increase confidence, knowledge, and skills in disaster health management and adaptive leadership. Pharmacists as the most accessible healthcare provider are often required to lead their communities through emergencies and ensure their continued access to healthcare.

We have worked with clients in Australia, North America, and Europe.


Client Testimonials


Drs. Watson and McCourt have such a unique base of experience and wisdom beyond their years with disaster planning. I have had the pleasure of working with them on the ASHP Crisis and Pandemic Management Certificate where they designed a fantastic scenario modeling exercise that has been so well received.  I think they’re exceptional!
Natasha Nicol
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)

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